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Orsha Tool Factory

Year of Incorporation:
Business Activities, Products and Services:
Metalworking Equipment, Technical Equipment , Metal Cutting Tools
Main Objective:
  • Business Partner Search

Number of employees

from 100 up to 1000


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About company

Open Joint Stock Company "Orsha Tool Factory» (OJSC "OTF") is a specialized manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus of high-quality auxiliary and cutting tools for metalworking machines. Production capacity and qualified staff provide production of a wide range of tools that meets the requirements of modern technology. Operational efficiency and work longevity of the tool have become a key of success for consumers in the Republic of Belarus, as well as in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries in Eastern Europe.

The number of specialists and workers - more than 500 people. Production departments and offices occupy 55,000 square meters. Production capacity -- more than one thousand machine tools and machining centers, turning, milling, drilling, boring and grinding groups. Production facilities are equipped with a galvanic and thermal equipment for hardening steel, equipment for cementing process.

Consumers' market of factory’s products consists of industrial enterprises of machine building, road and rail transport, energy and agro-industrial complex. The enterprise has been for many years successfully working with all major industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and many others and carries out export products to other countries, realizing the products on direct contracts and through the distribution network.

OJSC "OTF" is a permanent participant of specialized international exhibitions. The enterprise has been repeatedly awarded for its high image, recognition by consumers and product quality. According the research conducted by an independent group in Spain, OJSC "OTF" was awarded with the honorary prize - "Golden Arch of Europe”.
All factory’s products are of high degrees of accuracy and are compatible with modern technological equipment and provides solutions to complex industrial problems in metalworking. The factory quality management system is certified according with the requirements of ISO 9001-2009.
The general range of the tools produced at the factory includes over three thousand items:

Auxiliary tools.

A wide range of precision tools for metal working machines and centers with shank cone Morse taper 7:24 (7:24 liners are made, including, according to international standards and MAS 403 and DIN 69871) are produced at the factory.

Collet chucks for clamping tools with cylindrical shank with a range of sizes from 5 mm to 40 mm with transition toolholders.

продукция Оршанский инструментальный завод -вспомогательный инструмент Drill chucks for clamping tools with cylindrical shanks in the range 0.3 ... 8 mm. and 1 ... 13 mm.

патрон цанговый и цанги Оршанский инструментальный завод Chucks for quick-changing tool for tool fastening in carrying out technological drilling transitions, core drilling, reaming, chamfering, tapping in one operation, using the possibility of quick-changing tool.
патрон для быстрой сменны инструмента Threading chucks with tapping heads for cutting of different types of right-taps in the range M3 ... M42.

резьбонарезной патрон ОАО ОИЗ Face-, disk-, and end mills holders.

Оправка для фрез Universal boring bars complete with boring blocks for roughing, semi finishing and finishing boring (Ø40 ... 360 mm).

расточной инструмент ОАО оршанский инструментальный завод Adapters for fastening of tool with different Morse taper and the transition from one taper to another.

инструмент из орши Rotating centers, resistant centers and semi-centers to maintain details in the processing them on lathes.

центр станочный вращающийся Indicated centrelisers for pre-commissioning of machines: the alignment axis of the spindle with the axis of the hole on the inner surface or the surface of the outer circumference in the range from 8 mm to 250 mm.

центр вращения Transducers of angular displacement photoelectric models BE 178 for use in automatic control of machine tools.

Metal-cutting tools.

Brazed and assembled cutters with mechanical fastening plates for various turning operations: turning cutters, straight- and bent turning cutters, boring, contoured, threaded. Also OJSC "OTF" produces highly modular tools in cooperation with international companies «TaeguTec» and «Iskar».
резец напайной оршанский инструментальный завод Drills for metalworking of high speed steel with Morse taper shank of medium, long and extra long series (Ø from 6 to 76 mm).

завод инструмента орша Assembled drills with inserts of high speed steel (Ø from 25 to 130 mm).

металлообрабатывающий Manual taps with pipe straight and bent shank, for through and blind holes for internal metric and pipe threads in the range of the M5 ... M39.

метчие оршанский Disc mills, face mills, end mills with mechanical fastening of indexable manysided inserts. Solid end mills of HSS and of carbide with parallel and Morse taper shanks of different diameters with hardening coating.

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Company's Publications in association with Global MCom

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