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Nonstate Academy of Sciences and Innovations Limited (民间科学技术创新组织)

Year of Incorporation:
Business Activities, Products and Services:
Water Purification, Product Development and Introduction, Soil Remediation
Main Objective:
  • Business Partner Search
  • Search for investment opportunities: 1M - 5M
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Number of employees

from 51 up to 100


from 1M up to 5M


from 500K up to 1M

Headquarters and branch offices

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About company

Environmental and resource saving innovative technology in the following areas:
- Industrial wastewater (contaminated with heavy metals) treatment with environmentally harmless
sediment production in the form of artificial rocks– anthropogenic fortified soils;
- Dynamic cleaning storm drains at mountainous and coastal areas;
- Natural surface water rehabilitation (anthropogenic pressure decrease and green scum prevention by
reducing the cyan bacteria population and blocking contaminated bed silt);
- Viscoplastic and solid wastes dispersion disposal and recycling during building materials production
with remediation of soils;
- Recultivation technology to improve the unfavorable areas (industrial areas, landfills, crude oil
contaminated sites) and industrial municipal waste storages;
- Liquid slurries produced in technological cycles of metallurgical, mining and bauxite productions,
accelerated deposition (separation) technology;
- Saturated salt solutions and technological tails neutralization after water treatment by reverse osmosis
and membrane technologies;
- Low-level radioactive waste disposal by immobilization in the mineral aluminosilicate matrix to get a
stabilized rock which does not require special burial measures in landfills;
- Alkaline sludge waste recycling technology after uranium ore extraction;
- Liquid propellants disposal;
- Coal dumps dusting termination technology (overburden rocks) by aluminosilicate aqueous suspensions
surface treatment;
- Tailings and mining beneficiation factories reclamation technology;
- Low temperature oil and gas industry wastes recycling technology;
- Treatment of incineration ash wastes, including municipal and gas cleaning wastes, into building
- Technology for strengthening of flooded clay soils with low bearing capacity for bases of roads,
industrial sites, buildings and structures construction;
- Bank protection, washed-in swell construction, groundwater dams strengthen;
- Technologies and equipment for nonchemical various capacities water treatment in the mobile and
stationary options, including for drinking and industrial water sources with any pollution rate and from
the sea and saline sources for small, industrial and municipal facilities;
- Various industries technologies and equipment for water treatment, including petrochemical, mining,
metallurgical, chemical, etc., up to the fishery or secondary use in a work cycle norms;
- Technology and equipment for low-temperature plasma Air Cleaning and smoky emissions from various
industries, smog, bacterial contamination and odors, including:
* cleaning hot flue gases;
* cold cleaning of exhaust air containing toxic organic compounds;
* cleaning cold air gases containing organic compounds used in the production process, with their low
concentrations in the gas stream;
* cold vent gas cleaning from organic compounds and carbon monoxide.
II. Industrial Technologies and Equipment
Cutting-edge technologies and equipment for crude oil refining including the following:
o Modernization of existing oil refineries and construction of new ones for quick pay off, with reduced
energy and territorial needs, allowing fast run of first refining capacities and processes to generate
revenue streams and following integration of secondary processes for deep processing;
o Technology and equipment for drilling autonomous, resuscitation and recovery wells oil production
rate, recovery of blocked and clogged wells, drilling for hot water offshore drilling, deep and ultradeep
o Mineral sorbents production technology for the removal from fresh and marine surface waters ground
and suspended parts of spills of hydrocarbons and mineral oils.
III. The company carries out engineering works, designing mechanisms, machines and equipment,
their single or small-scale production; environmental protection studies; technological research; the
execution of work as the contractor, general contractor and the customer; the training and teaching
activities. The company - development of technologies and servicing of systems, production processes
and lines and equipment for manufacturing of photonic elements and information optic, cultivation of
structures by the method of molecular beam epitaxial, realization of structural microanalysis and
nanolithography, optical metrology, femtosecond diagnostics, photon spintronics and controlled photogalvanic
phenomena, molecular-chemical assembly of nanomaterial's.

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