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LLC "Milavitsa-logistic"

Year of Incorporation:
Business Activities, Products and Services:
Warehousing, Freight Forwarding Services, Packaging and Repackaging
Main Objective:
  • Business Partner Search
  • Services for Global Mcom members
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Number of employees

from 100 up to 1000


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Headquarters and branch offices

Branch offices

About company

Range of warehouse services:

floor and pallet storage in frontal racking;
storage on a mezzanine in small cells;
handling operations;
reception and accommodation;
selection of assortment and order generation, order management;
individual packaging, group packing, repacking;
packing for shipment, Thermo;
generation of loading units;
inventorying and accounting products in stock;
handling product returns;
marking, applying barcodes, stickering;
palletizing with stretch film;
providing a report on the movement of goods and materials;
other services on request.

Characteristics of logistic warehouse:

Storage space "A" class with a concrete mezzanine:
• the total area of 8740 sq.m.
• automated conveyor system transportation inside the warehouse;
• 13 docks with adjustable dock leveler;
• anti-dust coating of floor, ventilation system;
• parking area for trucks;
• fire alarm system и automatic sprinkler system;
• burglar alarm system and video surveillance;
• gated and guarded around the clock territory
• modern handling equipment;
• automated sorting lines, allowing to carry out simultaneous packaging of 90 different clients.
• automatic warehouse management system: WMS PSI Logistics GmbH.
Administrative, household and office space 1651,2 sq.m.

Freight forwarding services:

LLC "Milavitsa-Logistics", is the general freight forwarder of JV «Milavitsa », LLC «Lauma», LLC «Gimil», Silvano Fashion Group (BY, RU, UA). We offer you to use services provided by our company:
• freight forwarding with Itinerary Planning;
• a wide range of transport - forwarding services:
 Trucking by Belarus (from 0.5 to 21 tonnes);
 International transportation;
 Delivery of modular cargoes;
 Multimodal transportation (sea, air, r.w.);
LLC "Milavitsa-Logistics" provides a full range of services for transportation of the cargo inside Belarus and import and export cargoes from/to CIS, Baltic States, Europe Union.
Our company uses various types of vehicles and cargo capacity every day for providing uninterrupted supply more than 100 stores throughout the Republic of Belarus. (Minsk, Mogilev, Gomel, Grodno, Orsha, Molodechno, Mozyr, Bobruisk, Borisov, Zhodino, Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk, Brest, Svetlogorsk, Soligorsk and others.)
LLC "Milavitsa-Logistics" will assist and advice on the organization of customs clearance of goods on the territory of the Customs Union.
LLC "Milavitsa-Logistics" is ready to provide timely and targeted delivery of your cargoes for different regions of the Republic of Belarus, also by the territory of the Customs Union.

We will be glad to see you among the clients of our company!

Achievements and Projects

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    Вниманию коллег и партнеров!

    01.04.2015 ООО «Милавица-логистик» переименовано в ООО «Балтспед логистик».

    Решение принято собственниками и основывается на желании объединить логистические структуры группы компаний под общим наименованием.

    Так, ООО «Балтспед» г. Минск, оказывает услуги грузоперевозок собственным транспортом по территории РБ, ООО «Балтспед логистик» выступает в качестве логистического оператора и дистрибуционного центра для группы компаний.

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Company's Publications in association with Global MCom

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