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There are two alternatives to publish an article. First, you send us your text (no less than 1800 characters) + additional materials. Upon approval, we will publish your article for free. Second (recommended), you order a professionally written article (3600 characters). The order will be completed in a few days. The text of your article and information about publishing will appear on your Global MCom website. Any of your text we can translate to all available languages on Global Mcom.

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Please note that we publish solely a comprehensive and interesting for reading texts about your business, no less than 1800 characters. The text do not contain any references, except a link to your Global MCom website.

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Practical experience has shown, that spending some money on a good text, will bring you back more benefit than creating a masterpiece on your own. Of course, we welcome both masterpieces and just a good text.

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New language versions will be added to the Journal as their become available on the Global Mcom.